Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Saturday in September

Yesterday was a full day. Sunny woke up and headed to Havana to run the 5k Polka Pace Race. Jon and the girls were going to go cheer her on but we all had such a bad night that the decision was made that the girls needed the opportunity to sleep in. Sunny was registered by 7am and the race started at 8am. She started out alittle too fast and was tired before the third mile started. She kept going and finnished at 32 minutes and 3 seconds which is over 4 minutes faster than the 5k she ran at the beginning of the summer.

Once Sunny got back from the race Jon helped his Dad take out their washing machine in preparation for getting a new one on monday. In the processes a pipe busted. Jon had to rush down the stairs and remove or jump andy and all obsticales in his way to the back room to shut off the water to the house. While waiting for a plumber to come, Dad treated us to lunch at the Dairy Queen.
Jon took Maren to the park while Eliza took a nap, then we all headed off to New Salem for the Blue Grass Festival.

We were a little disappionted due to the fact that the music was more folk rather than Blue Grass, yet we still had a good time with the girls.

Maren and Eliza heard the music and began to jig. They just wanted to dance.
Maren in front of the sheep pen.
Eliza just had to see the Cows.

After most of the bands had left there was a ring of bales of straw. The girls had a lot of fun playing in the ring and on the bales.

Then Maren started to pick up rock and make piles on a bale of straw. Of course, Eliza had to help.

We all had fun. We came home, had leftovers for dinner, and went to bed. What a day.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Long Over Due Update:

Our two beautiful, happy girls, Eliza and Maren, just being cute.

July was filled with lots of fun. We participated in the summer reading program and read a lot of books. We made cookie and tried not to eat all the dough.
They ran in the sprinkler,

And were simply silly.

Jon, Sunny, and the girls piled into the car near the end of July and drove out west. We stayed a week in Idaho at the Boone Lodge and had a lot of fun. We went to the Idaho Falls zoo, ate at Big Juds, hiked up to kay falls, went to Yellowstone, had a blast tubing and trying to waterski, and enjoyied the water park.

All family, at the zoo, observing the flamingo chick.

One afternoon at The Lodge, Eliza found a pair of Naomi's shorts and decided to put them on.

Jon comforting Eliza after she fell in the water.

Maren. Some people really don't change that much in two years.

Eliza, Sunny, Jon, and Maren infront of the Falls at Kay Falls.

This is Eliza at kay falls (down below) on the bank smelling a flower.

Maren and Sunny infront of one of the lookouts in Yellowstone.

Jon wiping off Maren's mouth after she ate her lunch and an Oreo.

Maren and a couple of her cousins hiking around in Yellowstone.

Our Group at Yellowstone.

Jon having fun on the swings at the water park.

After Idaho, we drove South to visit family in Utah. We stayed at the Aagard farm for a few days. Jon's sister Martha and her family stopped by on their way through. They had a good time seeing the animals, garden, and visiting with Sunny's folks. Sunny's sister Rebecca came by the farm while we were there, as did Sunny's brother Andy and his wife. We had a nice visit. We were grateful for the hospitalitly of family and the good vacation we were able to have. We were even able to stop and see Andy's home in Provo that we hadn't seen yet. We had a lot of fun out west.
We made it back safely to Macomb on Aug. 10th and started packing like mad. Maren and Eliza thought it was kind of fun to have so much room.

Jon's Mom, his sister Martha, and her three great kids drove up to Macomb for Jon's 30th birthday on Aug 15th. They took us out for lunch at one of Jon's favorite places in Macomb, the Asian Buffet. It was yummy. We came back to let the kids run around and enjoy each other's company. Trent and Eliza Loved Jons' German Chocolate Birthday cake.

Trent and Eliza had a blast outside exploring, climbing, swinging, following each other,
and playing in the water.

The first sunday back from out west we had the opprotunity to speak in sacrament meeting, I was able to recieve my Young Woman Recognition Award (better late than never), and teach the lesson in Young Womens. It was busy, but nice to have the chance to see everyone again before we moved.

Macomb was good to us and for us. We enjoied our time while living there. We now live in Petersburg, Illinois while Jon is doing his internship in Springfield. He will finnish with that and graduate with his Bachlors Degree in December. Then we will move to where ever he can get a good job.

Maren will start Preschool at Gingerbread preschool in two days. She is such a big girl and her mom has mixed feelings about the whole thing. Her going to preschool will help to give us a schedule to our week and get us out of the house once in a while (maybe even a little exercise). She is also trying to learn the hard lessons of doing things we should even when we don't want to and not doing things that we shouldn't even if we want to. She is a smart girl and she will get it...eventually.
Eliza will try and say anything, but that doesn't mean the average joe can understand her. She will go get a book and start gibbering and flip the page and gibber some more. She has a lot of character and brings a lot of joy to our family. She is also very determined once she makes up her mind. Just this morning she wanted to get up on the piano bench that was 'tucked' in by herself. I pulled out the bench to help her a little and she pushed it back then continued to work until she got up. It may have taken her five minutes, but she did it herself.
Sunny is hoping to be able to participate in Havana, IL's 5k race on saturday Sept 12th. It's a poor excuse, but with Jon's schedule change finding an hour she can dedicate to exercise a couple nights a week is becoming difficult. She plans to still race though and hope she doesn't trip on her shoe strings.
All things considered, we are doing well and are graetful for all our friends and family and the support you all give us. Thanks!